Lakebreeze Palisades
About Us

Thank you for visiting Lakebreeze Palisades. We are a small hobby breeder of Bernese Mountain Dogs and Bernedoodles. We are located in Manitowoc, Wisconsin which is 60 miles north of Milwaukee and 40 miles south of Green Bay. We were drawn to each breed for very distinct reasons.

Our first Bernese Mountain Dog was acquired as a result of a life long passion. I had always loved their look and gentleness. Bernese are very attentive and really should be named "The Gentle Giant". If you have the room in your house for a large breed dog I highly recommend the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Our attraction to the Bernedoodle was sparked by the combination of the intelligence of the Poodle and the calmness of the Bernese. We continue to be surprised by the beauty and gentleness of this hybrid breed.

All of our animals are family pets and get a lot of individual love and attention. They all share our home and play with our three children, family and friends. Our breeding efforts focus on improving the breed and working toward the standards of each breed by paying close attention to health, structure, soundness, type and temperament. We guarantee our animals to be free of the condition known as hip dysplasia. All animals will be dewormed and started on standard vaccines prior to purchase. We strive to produce beautiful, loyal companions that live long, healthy lives and still maintain their working abilities.