Lakebreeze Palisades
Olde English Bulldogges

Why Olde English Bulldogges?  OEB's tend to live longer, breath better, are better adaptable to temperatures, and have fewer overall health issues.  They are excellent family pets because they tend to form strong bonds with children.  They are generally very gentle and protective.  This breed requires very minimal grooming and exercise.  Most are very eager to please.  They are not the most quiet dogs out there.  Their short noses make their breathing a bit more noticeable than other breeds.When properly conditioned they can be active dogs, however, they are equally happy with moderate exercise.  They can stay in relatively good shape with good muscle tone with only light exercise.  They are naturally slow. They are very easy to train and great family members!  We highly recommend this breed to anyone who lives in a big city and doesn't have access to back yards due to its minimal exercise requirements!